Film and edit with your own smartphone!

In getDigital’s 1-day workshop you will learn how to film, edit and market your videos. We action everything on the day, giving you a real-time overview of how effective and simple the entire process is. From creating a concept for your video to actually filming and editing it and understanding which platforms is best for it to be marketed on. This is the perfect crash-course for businesses doing videos in-house.


Our workshop will show you that execution is better than perfection and action wins over inaction. Content is king but that doesn’t mean it needs to be fancy… it just needs to be real and personable.

We’ve put this workshop together to help give you the confidence and guidance you need in order to make effective video content on your own.

We’ll give you an overview of the current landscape; tasters of the videos businesses are creating. We will then physically show you how to create your own videos using something as simple as your smartphone. There’ll also be industry experts in the room to help assist you with the filming and also to run you through an editing tutorial. Once you have these foundations down, we will end the workshop on showing you how, when and where to post/market your videos.

What's covered?
  • Introduction to video
  • Live video
  • Video marketing strategy
  • Script writing
  • Filming your own videos
  • Editing your own videos
  • Marketing your videos
  • Recycling content
  • Q&A
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“It was an amazing day, I learnt so much about editing and filming to lighting and composition. I’d recommend this to anyone who’s looking to get into video for their companies.”

Karishma VarsaniVital Concept

This workshop has broadened my horizons as to what can be done on a mobile phone. I’ve learnt the fact that social media is so important and why video promotions are equally important

Tina ColinsProof-FM

Creating videos is something that I’ve wanted to do for a long time but I’ve had no confidence and no understanding. Today I’ve walked away with knowledge of how to record, edit, put my videos together and make sure they’re seen online.

Sejal ShahSejal Anujah Shah

I feel like I’ve learnt so much from filming to editing and completely building my confidence in iMovie and just on the camera in general.

Saheli MirpuriSaheli Events

I’ve come away with a lot of ideas of how I can promote my business. And many different ways I can make it fun not just for myself, but the viewer as well.

Girish ShahMy Controller Harrow Accountancy
Ready to get started?

This is an exclusive opportunity for you to get hands-on practical experience that you can apply immediately. The getDigital workshop is for anyone that wants to create effective videos.

What's included?

– Intimate and efficient training from industry experts
– Tips, tricks and advice for editing and filming
– Comprehensive and interactive training workbook
– Smartphone Tripod and Microphone for you to keep
– Lunch and snacks throughout the day
– Networking opportunities with other attendees
– On-going support from our team after the workshop
– Access to our private Facebook Group with other delegates